What Is Pro-Mind™?

Pro-Mind is a 6-module stress-management program that prepares health practitioners - & the busy folks in workplace environment - for a mission! 

That mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create and implement a plan to live a happier, more balanced & authentic life, in 7 weeks or less. 

Why? So that you can get off the unbalanced treadmill, change your daily habits and mindset,  and get you addicted to living a life you love!!

Quite simply, I teach the steps required in a systematic way. 

Each module is designed to build upon the previous module, helping you experience the lessons in a step-by-step way. Pro-Mind will challenge you to merge the mind and body - through your heart and the spirit - in an easy and systematic way into a force that fuels a more grounded and passionate life experience.

Pro-Mind is soon launching its french version, Pro-Conscience!

“Lynn has shown me that all it took to add more time to my life was to change my mindset and create a solid game plan for how I use my time. I even booked a "date night" with my awesome husband as an intention to being more present with him. Cindy F.”

“I work in a busy geriatric unit and needed a program that would help me connect with myself in a new way. I had no idea what I needed, and then I joined Pro-Mind. This program has given me an entirely new way of relating to myself and to others. It was transformational, and more than worth my time (and $$). I highly recommend joining Pro-Mind, and working with Lynn. She's a gem! Sylvie”

“I'd been to a life coach in the past to help me manage some of my personal issues, but I felt like I needed a different process. Pro-Mind offered me everything that I needed and more. The group coaching offered me so much insight, and I learned from others that I wasn't the only one struggling with these same issues. Thank you Lynn for your guidance and faith in us". Alli G.”

“Before coaching with Lynn, I was operating with the same problems that created my reality, which contributed to my separation. I was struggling to take time for myself. Lynn really helped me hone in on what my true needs were and what I needed to be aware of and know before I was ready to be in a new relationship. I’m now consistently aware of my blindspots, I have a great relationship, I love my job, and started grad school. NS”

“Lynn's involvement with the resident's in our supported housing community has been of considerable benefit. Lynn's open, honest and professional style has helped bring about a better sense of community and personal awareness. Lynn's articulation of Mindfulness and Meditation has left the group with a better understanding. They look forward to continuing sessions with Lynn." John, Social Worker, St Vincent De Paul”

“(My work with Satori) helps me to step and ask myself why I'm doing something and why I interact the way I do. It helps avoid a lot of angst, arguments, frustrations, and hurt feelings" Sherry”

“"Lynn helped me renew my confidence and accept new challenges with a willing and positive attitude. Thanks Lynn for your insight & wisdom!" Bree, Wife + Mother of 3.”

“I've struggled with Type 2 Diabetes & poor healing in my foot from a neuropathy. I decided to give Lynn's reiki treatment a try. After just one session I had sensations on the outside of my left food from my heel to my baby toes, something I haven't felt in a number of years. As the sessions progressed, I have regained 80% of the feeling in my left foot". Phil, Canadian Navy Officer”

“I’m a med student from the United States. I’m expected to absorb a lot of information at once, and it can be very taxing. I wanted to get as much help as I could to manage my stress before graduating. Lynn’s Meditation Bonus, inside Pro-Mind, was the key ingredient for me. I love the teachings that Pro-Mind offers. I’ve gone back to M2, L2 at least 5x. Thanks for being such a great teacher and mentor to me, Lynn. ”

Sanjit, Med Student Sanjit, Med Student

“A fantastic learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life. It has allowed me to help my kids progress towards the life they desire too. You're amazing Lynn! Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant coaching program” ”

Heather, Physiotherapist & momHeather, Physiotherapist & mom

Important question for busy (health) professionals who feel they're lacking energy and momentum in their lives, AND on the verge of burn-out:

If there was a predictable, step-by-step system for shifting your mindset and living in the moment, from your heart, EVERY SINGLE DAY without the confusion or overwhelm of "I just don't have the time" syndrome...

Would you finally feel confident enough to make your mind and health a top priority?

Pro-Mind is finally available on-line to all busy health professionals!!!

  • Learn from A Life Strategist Whose Been In Your Shoes As A Retired Nurse

  • Listen To 15 minutes Of Lessons Each Day To Transform Your Life

  • Meet Your Coach Virtually Each Week On Facebook, in the Satori Page.

  • Join Lynn In Group Virtual Coaching Sessions To Experience A Breakthrough

  • Learn To Practice The Ancient Healing Art of Vedic Meditation

  • Connect The Mind & The Body For Greater Happiness

  • Over 50 Lessons In Total Will Be Available For You Inside Pro-Mind

  • PDF Downloads Offered For A Number of Lessons To Facilitate Clarity

  • Lifetime Access To The Life of The Program With Updates

Doing a Virtual Program like Pro-Mind is similar to having Lynn with you one-on-one, but you have the advantage of going back to the modules and lessons over & over again, as you need. 

This is a context in which we grow, year-after-year, learning and applying life's lessons in gradual ways. The clinicians who have already taken Pro-Mind, offered through the school, have already experienced the benefits of this online method! 

Satori's School Of Health is revolutionizing the way Health Practitioners manage their stress and their health habits, enabling them to lead to function more efficiently at work,  and lead more balanced and happy lives. One group at a time!

Getting A System In Place To Get What You Want Out Of Life Is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that changing your perception and your mindset of what you need to do, and how you do it, is critical to your personal growth and success.

No need to remind you of that. 

As a busy clinician and health professional, you experience stress, distress and grief in response to your clients’ suffering. You also experience overwhelm on a consistent basis due to work factors such as managing large volumes of clients with insufficient resources. 

You’re even spending the bulk of your work hours on tasks that don’t exactly match your career goals. All of this, if left unexamined, may lead to burnout, moral distress, compassion fatigue and poor clinical decision-making, which…

adversely affects client care. No need to remind you of that either, I bet. 

If you’re looking for the systems and strategies to create an authentic and rewarding life, that’s fun, engaging, and focused, then you’ve come to the right place.

But maybe you didn’t know that by joining a personal development program using Satori’s 5-Steps For Peak Performance System, that I’ll share with you, will also have the power to:

  • Activate your natural Super Powers of Focus: You'll learn simple mind techniques that I learned in my coach training, from Tony Robbins, that will train your conscious thoughts to resist stress and instantly shift lower vibe emotions that keep you tied to your problems, into action-oriented frequencies so you'll stop taking home your work.
  • Give you tools to create a better system and plan: So you can start to generate peace and joy in new and exciting ways that will give you total confidence to resolve your mental health and relationship issues with ease.
  • Bypass the BS that keeps you stuck in a life that doesn't serve your highest good. This will energize you to have way more fun in life, even when you're under pressure, which is the ULTIMATE way to create the life of your dreams.

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Pro-Mind,

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