Meet Lynn


I'm Lynn Chénier. I've gained the reputation for being one of the most results-oriented coaches in the business. I love all things Personal Development!

What I promise my clients is a breakthrough experience that focuses on getting them feeling their best in all areas of their life. 

My depth and breadth in the field of health sciences has brought me to the creation of The Pro-Mind Experience. As a trained nurse with a Masters Degree in The Sociology Of Education, a Strategic Intervention Coach, & A Certified Meditation Instructor, I've touched thousands of lives in the span of my 25 year career. 

I love baking because it keeps my mind out of ego. I need adventure in my life so I paddle, hike + walk to the beach. And I need to contribute, which is why I volunteer my time monthly as a Member of The Board of Directors, The Victoria Brain Injury Society.  

And...I also love to go deep inside my mind (& my soul) so meditation fuels it all!!!

a little bit of insight on...


Fed up with the politics of health care, I was leaving nursing for more autonomy and flexibility, and started studying to become a Doctor Of Chiropractic. 

Only to wake-up some months later in ICU fighting for my life. A high speed freeway car crash stopped me dead in my tracks!

While taking years to recover, I pursued my passion for academics as a way of coping with change. There I dove-in to graduate research in Food Democracy & The Sociology of Risk, and loved every minute of it.

Also very money-savvy, I spent my post-rehab days on the stock market manifesting more personal freedom. 

Except, I missed client contact!!!

Today, my training as a Strategic Intervention Coach, by the godfather of coaching Tony Robbins & the Queen of Strategic Family Therapy Cloe Madanes,  serves as a bridge between my nursing background, academic background and coaching for personal transformation.


Because I am one. This tribe is built for health practitioners by a health practitioner. We share in the political system, and share a discourse unknown to many. But... I have also been a patient of this system, and  observed the deep suffering that health professionals endure. 

You pour your heart and soul out to a system...and often times don't receive it back in return.

It is with great passion that I do what I do – to be that one person in your life that brings out the very best in you, and helps see the world from a different lens.