The journey starts here. In 4 hours, over 4 days, create a beautiful life!

Join Lynn Chenier for an in-depth 4-session virtual training program to learn the healing art of Vedic Meditation. She will personally give you your a unique "mantra" that will allow you to transcend stress effortlessly.


Meditation is proven to:

  • Alleviate Stress Disorders

    by reducing cortisol levels in the body during and after meditation.

  • Improve Insomnia

    and help people have more restful, and deeper, sleep.

  • Improve Productivity

    by turning-on the Pre-Frontal Cortex - the executor of the brain, you reboot your brain and mind in 20 minutes.

  • Helps Regulate Mood

    and decreases anger & aggression, thereby increasing happiness and joy.

  • Improved Overall Health

    from decreased muscle tension, regulated blood sugars + helping your adrenal glands relax, you're on your way to better health within 20 minutes!

  • Is Simple & Easy

    through Lynn's self-paced digital program, you get base knowledge to improve your skill in Four 60-minute lessons. You can do the lessons 4 days in-a-row (thur-mon) or 4 weeks in a row - it's up to you! Simple.

Here's What You'll Learn...

after you've purchased the program, you will receive your individualized mantra from me via email

  • 1

    Vedic Meditation

    • Mantra Style (Vedic) Meditation Overview

    • Lesson 1: What is Vedic Meditation and Where Does It Come From?

    • Congrats...Here's What's Next!

    • Lesson 2: The Development Of A Super-Mind

    • Congrats...Here's What's Next In Lesson 3...

    • Lesson 3: Drop The Stress

    • Lesson 4: The Wandering Mind

Digital lessons allow you the flexibility & comfort of choosing where and how you want to start your practice.

In 4 hours, over 4 days, you can be up & running with the #1 tool and strategy to build a Super-Mind and a beautiful life