The Truth Behind What Most Health Care Managers, And Executives, Are Facing Right Now

Does This Sound Like You At All?

You are a Human Resources manager of a leading health institution, who's spent years leading highly effective teams. You've now faced a new phase of your work, unsure if your staff can keep up with this stress. You've even been told that staff don't want to do any programs because everyone's burnt-out from COVID-19.

But you get held up right there. Knowing... your frontline staff need something.

… figuring out what to do, and when to do it is the challenge. 

...feeling your staff's at risk for burnout and yet they're not even using the programs you already set-up in-house. 

I know buying a contract right now might seem counter-intuitive because your staff have a lot on their plate.

But here's the truth...

This stress is leading your staff to feel isolated, depressed and anxious which can challenge their clinical skills. 

Being a good manager isn't enough right now. 

If you want to help your Staff Lead healthy & Balanced lives, You Need To Start Thinking of Outsourcing A Program.
And not just any program...a Fun & Experiential Program. A program To build community in A Rewarding Way, regardless of workplace pressures.

Would You Like To Know Why Now Is The IDEAL Time For Enrolling Your Team In A Personal Development Program?   

>> Your staff are burning out right now due to COVID-19, and the stress isn't sustainable. By taking advantage of our offer, you give your staff a powerful way to shift their mindsets during a challenging time and create a powerful system to adapt to the changes. 

>> The ProMind Experience is a fun and engaging way to add wellness coaching , personal development, personal healing and many more strategies for your staff.

Hey, it's Lynn!

Congratulations for making it this far. By now, you're obviously considering the life-changing decision to enrol your employees & team inside our exciting program, The ProMind Experience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life in 7 Weeks or Less and Get Them Off That Stressed-out Treadmill This Year! Your DEMO is waiting for you.
As a Human Resources Representative or Unit Manager to a team of high performing health practitioners, you owe it to your staff to ensure they remain healthy and balanced. 

You want them to move forward in their lives and feel empowered by their position in health care, not as "heroes" but as Mindful Clinicians with the best possible chance for success inside and outside their clinical practice. The workplace is the perfect vehicle to supporting your staff - and partnering with us will do that. 

Your staff is faced with a complex systems process, and it’s demanding! Stress affects people’s Quality Of Life, and the lives of everyone they love. These can even be dramatic and lifelong.

Our 6-Module "Experiencified" Coaching program, as part of a recovery plan for the current crisis helps you, the hospital and the vehicle, build your teams and staff that much further. 

Satori's 6-Module personal development and health coaching program, The ProMind Experience(™), is unique and offers you the opportunity to train your staff virtually, and serve them long after the program has finished, at no cost to you. This is unlike most consulting firms! 

  • Kathleen, RN, said "Lynn's approach to meditation is open and selfless. I've never met someone so interested in the human condition, and how to navigate it. Her enthusiasm to share and grow is boundless".

  • DG decided to work his job virtually, sold his property above market value, and moved across the country…and he has coffee facing the lake each day.

  • Cindy went from feeling frazzled with her time, to shifting her mindset each day at work and with her husband. She now lives with far more presence and gratitude...and love.

  • Sherry stood in her sovereignty, her power as a divorcee, and became healthier, happier and more present to avoid making the same mistakes again.

  • Alli said this: "I'd been to a life coach in the past to help me manage my personal issues, but I felt like I needed a different process. Pro-Mind offered me everything I needed and more. The group coaching offered me so much insight, and I learned from others that I wasn't the only one struggling with the same issues. Thank you Lynn for your guidance and faith in us"

  • RG who was a nurse and blogger that was scattered with his time learned to pay attention to what was needed in his life, and refocused. 

Let me be clear… these people were not programmed to change more easily than others. Many of them started out in our program feeling depleted – working for good wages, but they were continually chasing something they felt they couldn't achieve. They are regular, everyday health professionals, and people, who dreamed of being able to manage healthy lives… and that's why they work in the health care industry.

We all can do the exact same thing.

I Can Show Your Staff How to Build A Healthy & Balanced Life in 7 Weeks or Less and Get Them Off That Stressed-out Treadmill This Year. 

Book in your DEMO now!

Remember: The ProMindExperience is unlike anything else in existence.

By including 8 of the most powerful psychological triggers, ideas & techniques from the fields of gamification, adult learning psychology and the app, game and gambling industries, we're able to get 10-30x more student engagement - giving you the results you need in your clinicians. 

On top of that, The ProMind Experience is the easiest, fastest, and most idiot-proof way for people to nail down a system and transform their lives into a happier one for years to come.

With the right tools and mentorship, anyone can be on their way to building a happier family-life and lifestyle that most people can only imagine - but we all need a system, which is what The ProMind Experience will do. 

And the second you enrol your hospital staff into The ProMind™ Experience,  you’ll get everything you need to make it happen, including…

  • The Mindful Clinician Community.
    Inside our community program platform you get a FREE community, to engage your staff to take action, learn faster, build momentum and maintain balance. ** This community will be supported by me and my team - a leading expert Fitness & Nutrition Coach, as well as a Meditation Coach and our own dedicated admin personnel. This powerful combo will create a ripple effect in the health care industry everywhere around the world. 

I'll Show Them Exactly How to Attract a Peaceful Life and Shut-Out Their Biggest Stressors While Boosting Mind Power and Creativity - Without Wasting Time On Old Strategies.  

Plus, every week I’ll be following up with you on some single Key Performance Indicators allowing us, and you, to measure what further actions you can take to help your people achieve their Mission Accomplished. This way, you’re never left on your own wondering what you should do next for your team. This is a partnership. Book a DEMO to find out more!

Your people will also get…

  • Over 50 Lessons Delivered Over 6 Powerful Modules
    In The ProMind Experience I’ve built a suite of short courses. We deliver a module every week, which turns out to be a lesson a day that offers simple strategies to program you to take daily action towards a different way of showing-up in the world, with yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues. Daily, repeated actions is a powerful way to work against the old (outdated) subconscious programming.
  • These Modules Also Include Some Engaging Cheat Sheets.
    We will show you exactly how to execute every step of The Experience. I’m handing out all the templates, outlines, and formulas that we’ve tested for peak performance with prior launches. There are cheat cheats for creating goals, challenging old thoughts, creating routines, living in your power, and building a new you – an entire module dedicated to crafting out who you want to BE and then HOW we can get you there. Remember, I've watched health practitioners go through Pro-Mind without doing the worksheets, and without attending the group sessions and they did not get the same results.
  • Five ProMind Experience Group Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
    In addition to the 6 Modules, over 50 lessons, and cheatsheets, these 5 Live recorded "hot seat" breakthrough coaching sessions will get with folks some individualized coaching, and provide them the inspiration and momentum we all need. Get the tools on how to update your action plan with the latest high-performance tactics that could add back hundreds of dollars to their monthly revenue and save people from a devastating sick leaves.

Look, every day THOUSANDS of gifted health care providers are missing out on personal growth opportunities because they don't either can't fit in the time (shift work), or they don't have a process in place to overcome fatigue, juggle complicated work and life. It's not their fault. Many work demanding shifts and manage complex clinical cases and heavy workloads that require hours of intense focus at a time.  

Everything You Need So That You People Can Go from Having A Stressful Life to Feeling like a Mindful Clinician in Seven Weeks.

You also get...

  • The Banish Burnout Bootcamp.
    Inside our program platform you get a BONUS 3-part training series, to help your staff unwind, build-in some of the most essential concepts for building motivation while also acknowledging some of their own key mistakes. ** This powerful training program will be available immediately upon registration into the ProMind Experience, giving them a chance to prepare for THEIR mission, inside the program.

Now, deciding to build a powerful and more balanced life, is a real commitment. Learning NEW strategies to change one's daily behaviours, and life, and relationships, for the better will put most out of your comfort zones. Definitely. But why stall on this powerful growth opportunity? And most of all, why go at it alone?

What I want most for you is to take advantage of my expertise to give your hospital staff the Roadmap in a step-by-step way - rather than sending them to a broken Employee Assistance Program or worst, an oversimplified CBT program that doesn't provide them with a system.

Just remember...

If The ProMindExperience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life  is genuinely not for you, I respect that. But you owe it to your staff to decide for themselves. 

But if it is… 

...and if you really want the freedom to get your staff out of burnout, 

...and you want your staff to lead more well-rounded lives, 

Now’s the time to make it happen particularly amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.  


Are You Ready To Let Me Show You How I Can Help Your Hospital Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life?

Let’s get started by booking your demo now. 

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Lynn Chenier

Founder,  Satori Health & Wellness Coaching and The ProMind Experience


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