Hey, it's Lynn

Congratulations on making the life-changing decision to enrol (your employees) inside The ProMind Experience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life.!

I’m going to make this as easy as I can for you.

Once you've been enrolled, through your organization, we will send you a personal welcome email to walk you through our next 7 weeks together. You will get a chance to create your own password as well, and get involved in the bonuses that are offered (see below).

And remember: That’s just the tipping point. Once you hit your personal goals, the path to a clearer vision and better momentum become more simple.

People like You Are Already Making Big Shifts In Their Lives Using The ProMind Experience.

  • DG decided to work his job virtually, sold his property above market value, and moved across the country…and he has coffee facing the lake each day.

  • Cindy went from feeling frazzled with her time, to shifting her mindset each day at work and with her husband. She now lives with far more presence and gratitude...and love.

  • Sherry stood in her sovereignty, her power as a divorcee, and became healthier, happier and more present to avoid making the same mistakes again.

  • Alli said this: "I'd been to a life coach in the past to help me manage my personal issues, but I felt like I needed a different process. Pro-Mind offered me everything I needed and more. The group coaching offered me so much insight, and I learned from others that I wasn't the only one struggling with the same issues. Thank you Lynn for your guidance and faith in us"

  • RG who was a nurse and blogger that was scattered with his time learned to pay attention to what was needed in his life, and refocused. 

Let me be clear… these people were not programmed to change more easily than others. Many of them started out in our program feeling depleted – working for good wages but they were continually chasing something they felt they couldn't achieve. They are regular, everyday people who dreamed of being able to manage healthy lives… and that's why they work in the health care industry.

You can do the exact same thing.

I Can Show You How to Build A Healthy & Balanced Life in 7 Weeks or Less and Get You Off That Stressed-out Treadmill This Year.

Remember: The ProMindExperience is unlike anything else in existence.

It’s the easiest, fastest, and most idiot proof way for you to nail down a system and transform your life and into a happy one for years to come.

It’s how I’ve managed my mindset after getting into a catastrophic car crash of my own… and how dozens of my clients have done the same.

With the right tools and mentorship, you can be on your way to building a happier family-life and lifestyle that most people can only imagine.

And the second you join The ProMindExperience,  you’ll get everything you need to make it happen, including…

  • Your Custom Mantra For Meditation.
    Yes, first we’re going to get you started right away, together, to create your Unique Roadmap just like the one DG and I laid out in his 8 session program + meditation, with me. But it’s going to be completely digital, with a community of like-minded Mindful Clinicians to back you up. We’ll make sure you have everything set up for building your stress-management system; you’ll have 4 60-minute lessons available right away for each of the 4 prominent areas you need to learn to build a solid meditation practice; awareness, knowledge, skill & comfort.


I'll Show You Exactly How to Attract a Peaceful Life and Shut-Out Your Biggest Stressors While Boosting Your Mind Power and Creativity - without Wasting Your Time on Old Strategies.  

Plus, every week I’ll be emailing you a single simple action item to accomplish. This way, you’re never left on your own wondering what you should do next.

You’ll also get…

  • Over 50 Lessons Delivered Over 6 Powerful Lessons
    In The ProMind Experience I’ve built a suite of short courses. You'll get a module every week, which turns out to be a lesson a day that offers you simple strategies to program you to take daily action towards a different way of showing-up in the world, with yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues.
  • These Modules Also Include Some Engaging Cheat Sheets.
    They’ll show you exactly how to execute every step of The Experience. I’m handing you all the templates, outlines, and formulas that we’ve tested for peak performance with prior launches. There are cheat cheats for creating goals, creating routines, living in your power, and building a new you – an entire module dedicated to crafting out who you want to BE and then HOW we can get you there. Remember, I've watched health practitioners go through Pro-Mind without doing the worksheets, and without attending the group sessions and they did not get the same results.
  • The ProMind Experience Group Sessions
    In addition to the 6 Modules, lessons, and cheatsheets, the live recorded "hot seat" sessions will get with you some individualized coaching, and provide you the inspiration and momentum we all need. We’ll show you how to update your action plan with the latest high-performance tactics that could add back hundreds of dollars to your monthly revenue and save you from a devastating sick leave.

Look, every day THOUSANDS of gifted health care providers like you are missing out on personal growth opportunities because they don't either can't fit in the time (shift work), or they don't have a process in place to overcome fatigue, juggle complicated work and life. It's not your fault. You work demanding shifts and manage complex clinical cases and heavy workloads that require your focus.  

Everything You Need So That You Can Go from Having A Stressful Life to Feeling like a Mindful Clinician in Seven Weeks.

In short, I'm giving you everything I wish I had before I suffered a severe highway car crash. I don't want you to be faced with a big  “WTF”!.

But the most painful part wasn’t the fact that I was now lying in a critical care bed with casts on all limbs, and a fractured skull, totally disconnected from my entire reality…

It wasn't that my life was never going to be the same again (or at least as I knew it) serving as a nurse &/or a chiropractor, but it was a clear-cut reminder of my lack of ability to slow down.

It was a true Divine wake-up call that I was not 'paying attention'.

But regardless...

No One Else Is Offering This Kind of White-Glove, Hands-On Training, And Community, That's Coach-Trained With A Nursing Background.

You also get...

  • The Mindful Clinician Community.
    Inside our Thinkific program platform you get a FREE community, to help you take action, learn faster, build momentum and maintain balance. ** This community will be supported by me and my team - a leading expert Fitness & Nutrition Coach and professional body builder. This powerful combo will create a ripple effect in the health care industry everywhere around the world. Instead of being on Facebook, where you can get distracted from YOUR mission, inside Thinkific, you take action and learn from, and help others.

Now, deciding to build a powerful and more balanced life, is a real commitment. Learning NEW strategies to changing your behaviours, and life, and relationships, for the better will put you out of your comfort zone. Definitely. But you don't need to go at it alone. 

So my ProMind Experience isn’t cheap.

But with everything you’re going to get, it’s not expensive either.

My One-On-One Clients Pay More than $3000 to Work with Me for 2 months.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

Because I’m on a mission to change lives… and honestly, I want to serve and build a community so we don't keep making the same mistakes in a system that is so depleted. 

I’ve got several different profitable streams of income that put money in my pocket every month.

So you won’t even pay $2,000 for the program.

You could even make back your investment in the next few weeks by leaving the counselling sessions behind, and be profitable by next month. You also won't need the other expensive providers on your team because you'll be re-working strategies. 

In fact, I’m so confident in your ability to shift and grow.

I’m Willing to Guarantee It.

If I’m Not Getting You Results, I’m Not Interested in Your Money.

Whether you're an enterprise, or a member of my community interested in this program, take advantage of my expertise to give you the Roadmap in a step-by-step way. 

Just remember...

I’m Only Accepting the sharpest people in this founding members group of The ProMind Experience. That’s It.

If The ProMindExperience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life  is genuinely not for you, I respect that.

But if it is… if you really want the freedom to get out of burnout, lead a more well-rounded life, now’s the time to make it happen.

This is what you’ve been waiting for. The ProMind Experience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life could be your ticket to the community, and life you deserve. I’ve seen hundreds of my clients do it. You can do it too… so it’s time to act.

I’m Ready! Show Me How I Can Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life.

Let’s get started!


Lynn Chenier

Founder,  Satori Health & Wellness Coaching and The ProMind Experience


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