engage with your thoughts, re-ignite the passion and create a life that really elevates you. 

What life do you really want to live? You have all the tools within to create that life. 

The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality helps busy health practitioners nurture themselves by teaching the systems and strategies necessary to have more balance and freedom in their lives. Of course, all of that spills over into their clinical practice too. 

In this school, you'll find a ton of resources to get you started on your journey towards being a mindful clinician. We share our expertise in Health, Mindfulness, Vedic Meditation, as well as Strategic Intervention coaching, to foster your personal and professional development. 



Online Personal Development Courses

The Pro-Mind Experience is our signature program, rooted in developmental and humanistic psychology. Through weekly audio and video lessons, slide decks, and group Strategic Intervention Coaching, we mentor and shape health practitioners to become catalysts for personal and professional change, while re-connecting with their authentic selves. 

We help you find the spark again, and transform the meaning of your stress and overwhelm and reprogram your mind for better results in life. 

The Pro-Mind Experience guides you to transform how you use your mind, helping you access your purpose and live according to your core values in only 20-minutes a day!   

*** We are only enrolling hospitals into The ProMind Experience 

Intense & Interactive Mentorship

Working with a coach, whose also trained as a nurse and an educator, is a transformational experience. Inspiring, empowering, and clears the path for quicker results in your life!

Whether you're already struggling with burnout and self-compassion, or you're looking for resources to start your journey in Mindfulness, and enhanced performance, or you want to jump right in and work with Lynn, you will find all you need to take your life to the next level.  This is your sandbox — create what you want!

A Few Happy Customers

"after meeting with Lynn face-to-face, I decided to jump in with both feet. Lynn set-out an achievable agenda designed for my personal needs that instigated a remarkable and positive change in my life. I have nothing but admiration for this woman." 

-- Dave G.

I joined Pro-Mind last February, and I'm so grateful for everything that Lynn gave us. She gives so much of herself, as a coach and as a person. My relationship is rock solid as a direct result, and I can manage my life more easily thanks to the meditation bonus. Thanks Lynn

-- Hilary S.

 "I'm at the end of Module 2 in Lynn's beta version of Pro-Mind, and I notice just how much I've been missing in my life. Lynn has shown me that all it took to add more time to my life was to change my mindset and create a solid game plan for how I use my time. I even booked a "date night" with my awesome husband as an intention to being more present with him" 

-- Cindy F.